The story so far….

The purpose of this blog and podcast is that I believe that I am here for a purpose.  In part, I believe at least part of that purpose is to help people maximize their impact with the understanding that small changes make a big difference and together we can change the world.  In fact, all that ever has changed the world are the small changes … put together by a small group of people.  I think that so often today we look for big fixes … the magic wand that will save the say.  The “perfect” solution.  The perfect solution in my view is that since responsibility is taken and not given, that we empower each person to make the small change, be the small change, and change the way they look at the world – then watch as the world around them changes.

I hope this will become “readers digest” of great thoughts, conveyed in an interesting, compelling and eventually increasingly visual way.  There will be stories of friendship, learning, strife, struggle, survival and success.  I hope that the listener will get from it what they needed to, in addition to what they wanted.

I hope you get my meaning.