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Last year I failed to update the goals page online. It was a big miss. I had lots of good “reasons” for not doing it – and only one reason to do it. I said I would.

This year, I’m not taking anything for granted. I am posting them now (imperfect as they are).  I’m making them bad – and later I’ll work at making them better.

Theme for the year: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Goal for the year: Life is simpler by every measure (need to quantify)

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  1. Stacey – real connection daily. Relationship score higher Dec 31 than Jan 1.
  2. Kids – 1 Board Meeting per Quarter EACH
  3. Blackberry blackout 6pm to 8pm every day I’m in town
  4. Brother’s family, Parents, In-laws … connect with each weekly (in person or virtual touch)
  5. Birthdays, vacations, Daddy time with each kid monthly
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  1. Weigh 220 or less by year end
  2. Bodyfat % at less than 14
  3. Workouts 4 times a week
  4. Wakeup 10-10-10 + 30 min activity 7 days a week
  5. 1000 mile challenge
  6. Eat clean 6 days per week
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Quality of Life

  1. Date night with Stacey 2 times per month
  2. Travel with Stacey for 2 nights away (minimum) every quarter
  3. Family trip in August for two weeks
  4. JayFox 2016
  5. Hockey trips with Shiva – at least 1 Sens road game this year
  6. One night a month with friends
  7. 100% success rate of catching old habits and succsessfully changing behaviours
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  1. Continue MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program Year 4
  2. Continue EO learning and facilitation
  3. Next Stage of Paper Napkin Wisdom Project
    • Minimum of – 8 interviews per month for Podcast
    • 6 Workshops in 2016
    • 6 Keynotes in 2016
    • Launch of PNW Take Action Program for Coaches
    • Major Media PNW Event (eg Today Show, Oprah, Ellen)
    • Launch PNW/Take Action Entrepreneurial Intentions Audio Program
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  1. Attend three Scrum Huddles per week
  2. All companies meet cash reserve goals
  3. All companies meet revenue and profitability goals
  4. All companies meet 1 year strategic plan goals
  5. Annual planning retreat with each company’s management team
  6. IMBA Online/IMBA Mobile launch exceeds expectation
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  1. EO
  2. One “event” per month for fun (concerts, theater, events with Stacey)
  3. Diwali Party
  4. Creation of PNW Annual Charity Event
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  1. Abundant household budget
  2. New car for me
  3. Investment/Asset review with Stacey monthly
  4. One year family cash reserve
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  1. Launch of Public Personal Dashboard by Jan 15
    • Metrics for success measured against Green (pass), Red (fail)
    • Open accountability for all measures
    • Updated weekly
  2. Give myself more than one chance to get it right (on everything)
    • By being open about where I am and accepting help to get it right
  3. Publish “workbook” for daily tracking monthly on last day of each month
  4. Publish course-corrections where needed