Paper Napkin Wisdom: Your five step plan for life and business success

Paper Napkin Wisdom: Your five step plan for life and business success


Famous entrepreneur Scott Olivet (Oakley, Mervin Manufacturing, Da Kine and more) said “90% of business books should be pamphlets or workbooks.”

We agree … we hope that you will write in the space provided here, in the margins, everywhere …

In order to support your leadership journey and growth, we recommend focusing on ONE Paper Napkin Wisdom per week.  There are takeaways, and fivequestions at the end that we all Firestarters, designed to ignite yourleadership transformation


Product Description

What would happen if you could get a room full of the greatest entrepreneurs and thinkers in one room and ask them anything? Govindh Jayaraman and Jack Daly have done just that. The results are just what one would expect from such an endeavor: a treasure trove of practical wisdom that, if followed, could be life-changing.

Govindh and Jack sought out wise counsel, had the counselors themselves write one primary piece of wisdom on a napkin, and then interviewed them for Govindh’s now extremely popular podcast. It has been a remarkable journey, and along the way, his listeners have learned how to face their fears, execute goals more effectively, and complete tasks in a shorter amount of time.

Over the course of about a year, they collected more than a thousand Napkins, including more than a hundred interviews via podcast. This book is designed to take you on an incredible journey as you build your own five step plan for life and business success using the book, the podcast, and the takeaway value of each Paper Napkin Wisdom as a guide.

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3 reviews for Paper Napkin Wisdom: Your five step plan for life and business success

  1. “The best entrepreneurs are the ones who know they don’t have to have all the answers and they don’t have to pretend they do. The best entrepreneurs are willing to ask for help and they are willing to listen when it’s offered. Govindh and Jack have written what can only be described as a gift to entrepreneurs.”
    Simon Sinek, Optimist and author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last

  2. “Within these pages you will find wisdom that can change your life and your business.”
    Shep Hyken, New York Times bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution

  3. “A common attribute of successful entrepreneurs is simply taking action on what we believe is the best decision at a specific point in time. If this is a truth, how do we ensure we are consistently making the right best decisions? By learning from other successful entrepreneurs and applying what they have learned to our existing opportunities. Enter Govindh and Jack’s “Paper Napkin Wisdom”, a simple, week by week guide to learn and apply the wisdom of those who have gone before us…practical and brilliant.”

    Keith B. Cupp, CEO, Gazelles International Coaching Association

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