ROM yr 2

Our Masterminds Journey Continues June 7th to 11th 2017 at MIT’s Endicott House.

Building off a very successful launch of the ROM program in 2016 we are proud to welcome the EMP class of 2016 to our group!


This year, in part owing to the work that Brad Caton and Steve LeVine did to make the merger happen, we can virtually guarantee a sellout.  We are guaranteeing spots to anyone from the ROM 2016 class, or either the EMP 2015 or 2016 grads who sign up and complete the registration process by July 31, 2016.  Space will be very limited.

NOTE: This is NOT affiliated with EO in any way, shape, or form.

This year there are going to be new speakers, additional pre-reading and work, entrepreneur-led case studies, and much much more. Building off of last year, the learning will come from the front of the room and we will also, as always, learn from each-other. Together we will make this an amazing, impactful, and incredible experience. The additional budget that will come from a larger group will mean that we can add a truly ONCE or FIRST in a lifetime activity.

The total cost is $4000USD – the same as for previous years. No refunds, no exchanges.

To register – fill out the from below and you will be contacted with next steps.

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