Govindh Jayaraman is the founder and driving force behind Paper Napkin Wisdom. He has been called the “modern day Napoleon Hill” for his work in meeting with and curating the habits and thought patterns of today’s entrepreneurial elite.Govindh Jayaraman - speaking

Govindh has spoken to groups seeking to grow leadership and impact around the world by sharing the keys to modern leadership success. Gone is the “success at all costs” approach of the past. Today leaders are required to bring a balanced approach to success that includes development in four dimensions (business, personal, family, and community).

Today, Govindh talks about the lessons learned through the Paper Napkin Wisdom Project to audiences around the world.

Subjects Include:

  1. Absorb This: 14 Steps to Growing Leadership in less than 10 Minutes a week
  2. Fear is Good: Why Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Difference Makers NEED to feel Fear
  3. Get on With It: How to Break Through and Start the Great Work you Were Meant to do
  4. Start the Fire: Simple Steps to Igniting Great Leadership in Organizations
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