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The Take Action Coaching Support System

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A simple system, with incredible results

1000s of Paper Napkin Wisdoms, and 100s of interviews led to the creation of this incredible content, system, and structure for Taking Action like never before. All based on the hidden system behind entrepreneurial life and business success.
Branded or White Label

Weekly content you can claim ...


All content can come branded or optionally with White Label templates, you can receive one content module every week that you can attach your logo and branding to. If you’re hunting for content to share with your clients, Take Action by Paper Napkin Wisdom already has more than 100 weekly modules to help you build your clients and their teams. 


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Want more details?

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Deep Dive into the Tools of Take Action


First you’ll get a Deep Dive into the hidden tools of the Master Entrepreneurs interviewed for Paper Napkin Wisdom. Learn how 100s of them spoke of the success in similar ways, but in their own voices. You’ll get a deep-dive into how the Paper Napkin Wisdom Contributors not only built a list of priorities,  but also approached them in a manner that gave them at least 16x better results than their peers. 

You’ll also learn how to use the Five Step Plan to Life and Business Success for your clients, their teams, and even their families.


The Five Step Plan to Life and Business Success


After you’ve completed the training – you will receive all the Take Action and Paper Napkin Wisdom Systems and Resources.  You will also get all the incredibly-designed and well-branded presentation material, workbooks, and templates to the Take Action Process, the Five Step Plan to Life and Business Success and the first 52 Firestarters.

Optionally, you can elect to receive all this material “Private Labelled,” which means that you can brand them all.  Just put your logo on the forms, sheets, and templates and you can provide your clients with valuable, on-point content for them to share with their teams.


Monthly Content and Training Updates


Don’t you wish you had access to regularly updated content to share with your clients?

Through Take Action by Paper Napkin Wisdom, you will receive weekly updates (which also can be white-labelled).  

And since you’re getting new weekly content, you’ll also get monthly support on the new content monthly support on the “story behind the story” … the real tools behind the Paper Napkin Wisdom process.

Unparalleled support, systems, and structure is the goal.

What you'll get ...

Tools to Radically Change Lives


In order to support your client’s journey and growth, the Take Action system focuses on ONE Paper Napkin Wisdom per week.  There are takeaways, and five questions at the end that we all Firestarters, designed to ignite your leadership transformation. There are also Firestarters to share with key leadership teammates and even family members.

The Firestarters are short questions that encourage you to focus, align, and act.

Each week, as you grow your clients leadership in simple steps, you will focus on building one aspect of their leadership muscle. In order to really be impactful, you will need to focus on the task at hand and on completing the steps and answering the five questions in the Firestarter.  

Then align yourself with people who can help you. Your clients will have use of the Take Action App (available on iPhone and Android) … it will help them surround themselves with  team members,peers, and mentors who can help them in their journey. 

Finally, act. Execute what you have said you will do in the Fire-Starter and ignite your leadership journey.

Further – you can also refer your clients to the Paper Napkin Wisdom Podcast, the Take Action Podcast – and any of the video tools and tutorials to get the most out of the system, structure and support.  Most importantly, you’ll learn the hidden system behind Paper Napkin Wisdom so that you can help your clients change their world.

Coaching Support
Support for you so that you can support your clients with monthly webinars, calls, forums, and more!
Leader and team pages, support guides, and weekly custom content … 100s of modules.
The Take Action Workshop
The visually stunning presentation materials and workbooks needed to deliver life-changing workshops.
The Take Action Process
The hidden structure behind 100s of success stories.



Learn the hidden success system of the Paper Napkin Wisdom Contributors.


The Take Action Structure fits well with other systems and can set you free. It is a complete success roadmap with 100s of content modules.

White Label

As an option, you can White Label all the content to your branding – churning out epic content to your clients weekly.

Rich Media

100s of hours of audio, video, and multi-media support for you and your cleints.

Model the Masters

Based on Experience


As 100s of entrepreneurs shared their Paper Napkin Wisdom, the stories started to reveal patters. Patterns that may not have been obvious otherwise. The patterns led to the Take Action process and the Five Step Plan to Life and Business Success. But the structure as a coaching tool is much, much stronger.  You’ll learn how to Master the tools and 


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Learn more about the founder

Govindh Jayaraman


A relentless gene was passed down to Govindh – it is almost as if he was destined to be an entrepreneur. Born in Ottawa, Canada, to parents who were both entrepreneurs, his father was one of the early pioneers in solar and alternative energy, and his mother is an accountant for entrepreneurs. His grandfather was a relentless and very successful businessman back in India, lives in legend. That never-say-die attitude has continued to help Govindh be a successful portfolio entrepreneur now running four companies; he started his first as an 18 year-old. Govindh has been called “A Modern Day Napoleon Hill” for his work in creating Paper Napkin Wisdom. 

Not surprisingly, his goals are lofty: Show people everywhere how they can be successful, and change the world in the process. He knows firsthand the value of shared wisdom and his hope is that the book and its ideas are transformational. “Most people are not going to have to dig themselves out of as big a ditch as I had to,” he says. “What if they just started on level ground? What could happen then?”

Govindh lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife, Stacey, and children Janesh, Shreya, and Ajay.

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