At long last, the book based on the thousands of Paper Napkin Wisdom submissions and the hundreds of interviews is finally complete. Jack Daly and I have put the finishing touches on the book and are just about to release it.

See below, the early praise is strong for Paper Napkin Wisdom: Your five step guide to life and business success. Simon Sinek, Optimist and author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last, is calling the book “…a gift to entrepreneurs.”

Fill out the form below to be informed of when we’re doing the official launch. If you purchase a copy of the book on the launch day you will get more than 15 other e-books, online courses, and special incentives valued at over $400 as our gift to you. Think of it as a special thank you for your support.

Early Praise for Paper Napkin Wisdom: Your five step guide for life and business success

“The best entrepreneurs are the ones who know they don’t have to have all the answers and they don’t have to pretend they do. The best entrepreneurs are willing to ask for help and they are willing to listen when it’s offered. Govindh and Jack have written what can only be described as a gift to entrepreneurs.”

Simon Sinek, Optimist and author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last


“Within these pages you will find wisdom that can change your life and your business.”

Shep Hyken, New York Times bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution


“Wisdom matters – Paper Napkin Wisdom matters more – It’s the little things you think about that can truly change the world. Paper Napkin Wisdom captures them. An inspiring read.”

Peter Shankman Best-Selling Author, Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans


“The Paper Napkin Wisdom book is an incredible tool to constantly inspire you to greatness in all areas of your life. Simple yet powerful quotes of amazing people who have impacted the world that can be applied to all our lives.”

John R. DiJulius III, author of The Customer Service Revolution


“Paper Napkin Wisdom distills the biggest ideas from today’s most provocative minds into an intense coaching program with potential to transform your life.”

Kaihan Krippendorff, CEO, Outthinker; author, Outthink the Competition


“Govindh and Jack have precisely distilled down the wisdom of 52 visionary entrepreneurs into the single most actionable program you’ve ever experienced. This book will be your go to source of inspiration, new ideas, and profitability. Read it. Implement it. Profit in every way.”

Dave Lakhani, Award Winning Author of Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want and How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying


“Govindh and Jack have compiled a list of amazing stories, shared by today’s most amazing business and thought leaders. Each week you learn new lessons, the “Fire Questions” after each chapter are thought provoking and will make you challenge yourself and your beliefs.”

Matt Curry, WSJ and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and serial entrepreneur


“In a world of INFObesity, it’s a joy to read a book with distilled wisdom and world-class best-practices – every one worth integrating and acting on.  Read it and reap.”

Sam Horn, author of POP! and Got Your Attention?


“If you can’t get down your business idea on a napkin it’s not simple enough to succeed.”

Yanik Silver, author Evolved Enterprise and founder Maverick1000


“Govindh and Jack’s Paper Napkin Wisdom truly is a gift to anyone looking to be their best. I believe we’re all here to create; our best selves; our environment; our connections with others. This blueprint, this collection of shared wisdom, will help guide you towards making the difference you were born to make.”

Warren Macdonald, International speaker, mountain-climber, and Chief Perception Officer


“From the beginning of this book, I was tempted to find yet another napkin. I appreciate how Govindh and Jack have turned their journey into our adventure. 52 chapters of wisdom await you. But, don’t just buy this book. Don’t just read this book. To get the most that you can, DO this book!”

Jason W. Womack, Cofounder, Leadership Academy


“This book is brilliant. It is condensed, concentrated, fully-caffeinated entrepreneurial wisdom in the palm of your hand. Turn to any page for instant inspiration. There are few better ways to mentally prepare for a day of focus and success.”

Michel Kripalani, President & CEO at Oceanhouse Media, Inc.


“This book takes a simple yet complex concept and turned it into a powerful suite of tools that will be a change element for so many who struggle to find how to execute their goals, dreams and aspirations.”

Jamie Gerdsen, Entrepreneur and Author of Squirrels, Boats, and Thoroughbreds and Zombies Ate My Business


“There is a Biblical admonition about the importance of having a multitude of counselors and how there is safety there. This book confirms that. It allows the reader to tap into the wisdom, experience, and success of great leaders and thinkers who are more than happy to share what they have learned along the way. Everybody should have a copy. Keep it close by, and make it a daily read. “

Dennis Welch, President, Articulāte PR and Communications


I know Govindh and Jack, and I know this project. If you follow it, you can’t help but change and achieve those goals you set for yourself. Go be bold, and let what could be one of the greatest and simplest books help you become more. Paper Napkin Wisdom is awesome!

Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost, President and Managing Director, D&D Leasing group of companies


When I was young, I was taught that a smart person learns from their experiences, but that a wise person learns from the experiences of others.  Paper Napkin Wisdom is a compendium of wisdom from some of the finest Entrepreneurs in the world.  The insight is evident from the first lesson on fear and a willingness to fail.  In total 52 more lessons are in queue ready to help transform even the most seasoned Entrepreneur.

Reza Bavar, Founder, Kaloud, Inc.


“The Paper Napkin Wisdom workbook is an inspiring collection of insight and experiences from an amazingly diverse group of driven business leaders. Fantastic tool for all of us.”

Steven Showalter, STATLINX Founder & CEO


“At a point in everyone’s life, someone shares a bit of wisdom that has a profound effect on them.  Govindh and Jack have had thousands of these conversations and have created an action plan based on the common themes from the best of the best.  By putting these ideas with a structure to act on them, real change towards our best selves is possible.”

Tom McManus, CEO KegWorks


“I have had the honor of meeting and learning from many of the people profiled in ‘Paper Napkin Wisdom’ and if you are open to learning and embracing their concepts it can truly be life changing as it has changed mine”

Blair Christianson, Vice-President Canalta Hotels


“It has been said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Well students, meet your teacher. I find the magic of the notebook is that it meets you where you are in your journey and helps you progress at your own pace, and where you deem important. Nothing overly complicated, for its brilliance lies in its simplicity. Small, consistent simple steps, lead you to make big changes!  Thank you Govindh and Jack!”

Anthony DiMarco, Founder and CEO Di Marco Group Inc


Paper Napkin Wisdom reaches that perfect intersection of relatable entrepreneurial life lessons combined with instantly actionable information. Entrepreneurs have the privilege of leaving shortcuts for their successes. Paper Napkin Wisdom makes this possible.”

Alex Charfen, co-founder and CEO, CHARFEN


“Rarely is a business book so concise, so practical, so fun that it becomes like a dear companion on one’s journey. This is such a book: you will use it daily, share with friends, colleagues, peers, and trust it when you need to find clarity.”

Christine Comaford, Neuroscience-Based Leadership & Culture Coach | Forbes Leadership Blogger | Presidential Advisor | NY Times Bestseller


“I believe this book will be helpful to all those who read it. It is a way to frame your thinking about your own future success. It will assist you In addressing every day, common place, issues and challenges in a comprehensive way. I support this effort to bring greater knowledge and awareness to all of us, so that we can find our own success relative to our life goals.”

Warren Rustand, CEO Providence Health Care, Dean Leadership Academy Entrepreneurs` Organization, Former Chairman World Presidents` Organization


“Paper Napkin Wisdom offers a clear pathway to success based on proven life experiences”

Damon Gersh, President & CEO, Maxons Restorations Inc., Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner, 2002


“There is more high-impact learning contained in this book than you’ll find anywhere. This isn’t business school theory; it’s a treasure trove of hard-earned lessons from an amazing cast of entrepreneurs.”

Adam Robinson, Co-founder and CEO, Hireology



Sorry for the delay. I was in masterminds last week and travelling this week. Love that The ONE Thing message made the final cut. Below can be my attribution. I wear different hats in different companies, so if the author attribution doesn’t I also refer to myself as a “Creative Executive & Entrepreneur.”

Jay Papasan, Coauthor of #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results


“This book is loaded with nuggets of practical advice from some of today’s leading thinkers. Grab a copy and start putting this into practice to transform your business and your life!”

Rory Vaden, Co-founder of Southwestern Consulting and New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs


“During an age when all of us carry supercomputers, HD cameras, satellite positioning systems in our pockets, Govindh Jayaraman and Jack Daly remind us that sometimes the best advice is simple enough to write down on a paper napkin. Refreshing to read and full of brilliantly simple insights, this books will improve your business and life.”

John O’Leary


“In this book Govindh and Jack reveal greatness 52 times over – and show readers the way to make that journey themselves. It is wisdom and action together in one simple book.”

Gina Mollicone-Long, best-selling author and creator of Greatness U


“I have no hesitation in endorsing such a profound book which reaches not just to the intellectual mind – but heart also. It’s a book, whether you are in business or not can evoke a sense of meaning and focus.  Making the dull exciting, menial –purposeful. Its practical exercises, and podcast links helps us to reflect and action our learning.  This books cuts across all cultures and borders.   It makes us welcome what seemingly is painful and disturbing as part of “doing life” and brings definition and understanding into what we were made for. The ‘How to’, in being Extraordinary.  Well done Govindh and Jack.  This book is a worthy investment.”

Allie Mooney CSP, The People Interpreter, New Zealand



“As an entrepreneur you are not looking for pie in the sky from consultants and those with great ideas. You are looking for simple and to the point actionable steps from those that have done it. Govindh has sought out some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and boiled down their core wisdom into 52 of the best lessons you will find. Take 15 minutes a week and begin to devour this instant classic. You will be glad you did.”

John Ruhlin, Founder/CEO, THE RUHLIN GROUP


“This book is for those who are ready to fear less and do more with their lives!”

Jamie Douraghy, Founder, Life Work Integration.


“The Paper Napkin Wisdom Workbook offers enough insights to fill 52 books on business all in one. Now that’s wisdom!”

Rugger Burke, Author of The Power of 10


“If there’s a vision of a world where innovators are more likely to succeed than fail, then it’s people like Govindh and Jack who are helping make this vision reality, through sharing true wisdom from those who want innovation to succeed.”

Ben Baldwin, Founder ClearFit, Member of the Board of Advisors The Drucker Institute



“Paper Napkin Wisdom offers a glimpse into the rare and incredibly valuable dialogue that happens inside the head and the heart of some of America’s most distinguished entrepreneurs. After reading these words and ideas, you will have the playbook for your life and business in the days ahead!”

Ashton Gustafson, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, and Speaker